Managing IT Changes and Security in a Cloud World

Today’s cloud-computing technology makes managing IT changes and security more streamlined. Mobility, scalability, resilience, security, ease of distribution are some of the most notable benefits of life in the cloud environment. The cloud is no longer a yet-to-be-defined IT experiment, but rather an effective, proven essential for companies of all sizes.

There are important steps to consider before you embark on your journey into the cloud world. Managing  IT changes starts with a clear understanding of the components that define cloud strategy. Start with three basic steps: Application, Network, and Security.


Software as a Service or (SaaS) such as those offered by MS Office Suite 365 have made several cost-saving, alternatives possible such as:

  • Subscription rather than licensing, which can be a cost-saver
  • Scalability for multiple users is more manageable and cost-effective
  • Maintenance, support, and uptime from the provider adds multiple benefits
  • Dynamic upgrades mean more reliability and better operational uptime


In earlier days, accessing the corporate network meant only being able to log in via VPN, which was often inconvenient, especially when traveling. In cloud world, users are able to connect directly to cloud resources via local internet breakouts. A broadband internet connection can be much easier, faster, and less expensive to manage.


In a secure environment, the corporate application (whether hosted in a data center or in the cloud) is never exposed to the open internet. It is discoverable only to authorized users. Cloud-based inline security identifies the user requesting access and authenticates access privileges. This check post informs the application which then connects the user device to the resource, ensuring security.

VAZATA is committed to helping our clients design, migrate to, and deploy a cloud based solution that is customized to meet IT changes and security needs. By performing a Cloud Readiness Assessment of your current IT infrastructure, we are able to make recommendations and provide turnkey solutions from concept to the cloud.

When it comes to security and compliance, VAZATA has proven solutions. We understand that critical IT environments have rigorous security and compliance requirements. By focusing on your specific needs, whether federal or commercial, we are able to create and implement a customized program.

VAZATA Professional Services utilizes many solutions, products and options to help your business optimize the challenges of IT changes and security requirements you must have to enhance your cloud world. Contact VAZATA today!