Why Do Many Companies Have Problems with Cybersecurity?

Robust cybersecurity is the surest way forward if you want to avoid the hazards of cybercrime. All too often the headlines tell the story of another company hit by the inadequacies of their cybersecurity. The average time to detect a breach is 197 days, and the average time to address a cyberthreat is 69 days.[…]

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MSP Cybersecurity: Play the Game Offensively, Not Defensively.

Tackle the security risks before they take down your business and your customers. MSPs have an exceptionally tough time battling cybercrime. They must keep their own business safe while also ensuring failsafe security for their clients. And let’s not forgot the obstacles that COVID-19 has caused; working-at-home being one of them. The pandemic has created[…]

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Office Chats and Business Communication: Are They Secure While Working from Home?

More predominant than ever, remote working due to COVID-19 presents security challenges for all businesses which cannot be ignored. With the incursion of COVID-19 into our lives and work, many businesses continue to be faced with assessing and prioritizing employee safety while maintaining business operations. And even though some businesses are opening back up, even[…]

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Staying Secure and Productive While Working Remotely

Just about everyone is working remotely from home during the coronavirus crisis and it’s important to understand both the value and the risks of doing so. In the last 10 years, there has been a rising popularity of remote work and companies seeking remote employees, but with the current global pandemic created by COVID-19, working[…]

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VAZATA’s Proven Resources are a Gift Any Tech Team Would Love

Reward the people who do the work each day to make your company thrive and grow. and you’ll experience the long-lasting value of happier employees. What better way to say “Thank you, we appreciate your hard work” than to give your staff a holiday gift that will keep on giving all year long and beyond? […]

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Endpoint Security is More Relevant Than Ever

Protecting network access at every entry point requires a highly reliable centralized security solution such as Cybernetic. What is an Endpoint?  Endpoints are remote computing devices that connect to a network and communicate back and forth with the network. Examples of endpoints include user devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and workstations. Endpoints are[…]

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Mutating Malware Makes VAZATA’s Cybernetic a Must

Probably the single most important thing any business can do today is protect itself from the damages caused by vicious, mutating malware and other malicious cyber threats. Before malware became so sophisticated, signature prevention products worked fine. Today the rapidity of mutating malware changes all the rules. Cybernetic from VAZATA has the solution. VAZATA has[…]

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Managing Encryption Services in a Multi-Cloud World 

Understanding the value of cloud data encryption is critical to the security of your sensitive data. Data encryption is an extremely important feature for cloud internet access to your files. There are cloud solutions out there that are free, but many don’t have the level of security options needed, including data encryption. Data encryption means[…]

Why You Need a Managed Security Services Provider

Protecting your business from the evolving threats of cybercrime makes choosing the right managed security service provider priority one. Why are more and more companies turning to managed security services providers?  Because more than ever they need to be protected from intrusions, hacks, breeches, or whatever name you want to give them. Organizations want to[…]